‘The Office’ season 9 review: Is Brian going to come in between Pam and Jim?

The OfficeOn tonight’s double episode of “The Office” we pick up right where we left off last week, where Brian, the sound guy from the documentary, is talking to Pam.  He’s been told off by production not to interfere with the documentary subjects (Pam) again and she thanks him for being a good friend – could there be a little romance there?  Looks like Brian might have a little crush on Pam and how could he not, he’s been with her for 9 years and she’s adorable.

Jim’s company lost a huge client last week and his partners have asked him to talk to David Wallace (the company he’s abandoning) for a large sum of cash.  When Jim calls David Wallace to talk about investing in his company, Wallace cuts him off before he  has a chance to sell him on the idea leaving Jim in over his head.

Dwight is interviewing for Jim’s position at Dunder Mifflin since he is only going to be working there part time now and Jim is worried that the new person will likely torment Pam further making her relationship with Jim strained even further. Jim wants Clark to be hired, because he will annoy Pam the least, but Dwight isn’t sure about him.  After Dwight is done interviewing all of his friends, he begs Jim to tell everyone that none of them will be hired, because they all suck and they hire Clark.

Pam has been commissioned to paint a mural in the warehouse, and when it becomes vandalized, she is furious, but Brian is there to make her smile. Pam, Dwight and Nellie are told that Frank from the warehouse ruined her mural and he shows no remorse for what he did, so Pam goes to Dwight for a little “eye for an eye action”. Pam and Dwight decide to vandalize Frank’s truck and when Frank sees what they’ve done he freaks out and comes at her.  Brian throws down his boom mic and gets into a physical altercation with Frank to save Pam from getting hurt, but because of the fight Brian gets fired from the documentary crew. Brian tells her that if she ever needs him then she should call him.

Angela and her husband is having a birthday party for their son and he asks Oscar to come to support him even though there is going to be a lot of campaign supporters at the event.  Angela is upset because she and her husband had a deal that he and Oscar would not be seen in public together, so she decides to try to find a man to bring for herself, but when Dwight isn’t available she brings Kevin.  When Oscar finds out that the senator only invited him to the event because he’s Hispanic he’s not sure how to take it. Kevin calls the Senator out for treating Angela and Oscar so badly when they both clearly care about him.

Are you worried about Brian coming in between Jim and Pam or do you think Jim has created this situation by leaving her alone all the time?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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