‘Justified’ season 4: Will Ellen May survive Ava and Boyd’s plans?

JustifiedEllen May has quickly become a fan favorite on “Justified” season 4 as this broken beauty went from being hopeless to happy over the past few seasons.  One of the reasons we love Ellen May so much is that she is one of the few characters on the show that truly has a kind soul making us root for her to have a happy ending.

After Pastor Billy’s untimely death due to a snake bite at the hands of Boyd Crowder, Ellen May lost the salvation she so desperately wanted and decided that it was best that she return “home” to Boyd and Ava to work for them, but because of her erratic behavior and her inability to really keep quiet about what happened to Delroy, Ava decided it was best to send her on her way.  Ava set up some honest work for her and asked Colton to drive her out to her new home, despite Ellen May’s protests.  With Boyd’s influence, Ava decides to call Colton while he’s on the road and tells him to bring Ellen May back so that they can kill her.  Colton tells her that Ava has changed her mind and wants her to come back home and for the first time since we’ve met Ellen May, she looks truly happy.  When Colton stops to use the washroom at a gas station, he gets a shock when he returns to the truck to find Ellen May gone.  Did she run off or has something else happened to her?

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Graham Yost spoke about Ellen May’s future and when we will find out exactly what happened to her at that gas station.  He said: “We had dark versions where Ellen May didn’t survive, where that was it, they were going to drive off and we would know that she was going to her death. Because part of it for us was simply the idea of how dark will Ava go. It’s an easier decision for Boyd, ’cause he’s lived that life for a long time, but it’s not an easy one for Ava, and there will be ramifications. And then, we just came up with the idea of what if Ellen May gets away, and then how did that happen? You’ll start to find out in episode 5. We pick up immediately with Colton looking for Ellen May.”

The next new episode of “Justified” season 4 airs on Tuesday, February 5th at 10 p.m. on  FX – will you be tuning in to see what happens to Ellen May?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think happened to her. If you missed the last episode of “Justified” and you want to catch up on what happened then be sure to read our review of the episode here.

Photo: FX

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