Grey’s Anatomy season 18: Kevin McKidd still hoping for Sandra Oh return

Grey's Anatomy, OwenFor a lot of people, seeing Sandra Oh back on Grey’s Anatomy would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, there’s one person who clearly doesn’t seem to be dreaming about it all that much at all: Sandra Oh herself. She’s said on a multitude of occasions that she has no interest in coming back; it’s not born out of any ill will, but rather her desire to keep moving forward as opposed to looking back.

We also don’t think that Oh is going to be short on any work moving forward; just remember that she’s coming off of a huge gig in Killing Eve.

Nonetheless, Sandra is certainly welcome if she ever changes her mind. Speaking to People Magazine, here is some of what Kevin McKidd had to say on the subject:

“I would love — and I always say it — I would love Sandra Oh to come back … I don’t think she will. She keeps saying she won’t. Every time I see her, I’m always needling her, going, ‘Come on, come on. Just one.’ Maybe one day she’ll say yes. I’m always working on her.”

For now, we’re moving forward with the same perspective here that McKidd is: Sandra’s not coming back, but we’ll continue to hold out hope that she changes her mind. The only time we could conceivably see her back is a potential series finale, but that may not be for some time still. A lot of that could depend on when Ellen Pompeo wants to say goodbye to the show.

Even if Oh never does appear again, we do at least think the producers will try to keep the spirit of Cristina Yang alive. They have, after all, featured her via text conversations for some time now, and she is still close to Meredith Grey.

What do you most want to see when it comes to the rest of Grey’s Anatomy season 18?

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