‘Glee’ season 4, season 12 preview: Surprises for Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet

Chord OverstreetAre you ready for a shocker from Thursday night’s new “Glee” season 4 episode? Let’s just say that regardless of whether or not it was an accident, Heather Morris’ character of Brittany S. Pearce has now officially set herself up as one of the smartest young people in America.

Basically, Principal Figgins (otherwise known as the show’s most-underrated character) brings both Brittany and her boyfriend Sam (Chord Overstreet) into his office to inform the two of them that they have received both the highest and the lowest scores in the history of the school. When it comes to Brittany, she somehow managed something near perfection despite just answering questions randomly and drawing a picture with the way in which she bubbled in her answers. This is the sort of luck that Brittany would have, isn’t it?

Thanks to this achievement, Brittany has decided that she has the entire world at her feet … though she somehow is managing to forget the fact that she did flunk her senior year last season, and that cannot look particularly good on any college transcript. Meanwhile, Sam is much more depressed out his future in school, and currently has no idea just where he is going to end up having the future that he wants with his academic struggles being what they are. But he should not worry too much, as he has Brittany to cheer him up … right? Well, not exactly, as she has never really been known for being the most sympathetic person in the universe, especially when things are starting to go her way.

Do you think that Sam is going to be able to sort out his academic troubles by the end of this year? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can watch another sneak peek for Thursday night’s new episode by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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