The Blacklist season 9 episode 19: Is Mr. Kaplan’s sister Maureen dead?

The Blacklist season 9 artEntering The Blacklist season 9 episode 19, we had a feeling we’d learn the truth about Mr. Kaplan — was that really her in the explosion?

One of the prevailing theories out there was that this woman was not the legendary villain, and rather her sister Maureen Rowan. We saw her talking to Reddington last week and in that conversation, she acted by and large detached from everything that happened in the criminal world.

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Yet, tonight it was revealed that she was in the building. Also, Maureen is now dead. Who hired her to be in that building? That’s the mystery that we’re left to think about for the time being, given that there’s something more beyond just her standing there. She was no criminal mastermind, but she may have wanted revenge or at least some more answers.

With Maureen out of the way, there are of course more questions out there. Cooper found out that a payment was made to Cole / LaCroix from a now-closed Lebanese bank. At the end of the episode, Reddington made it clear that the payment for the assassin came from his own bank. That means that the enemy is within and, more than likely, that enemy is someone we’ve seen for a good while now.

For those of you who have felt that Marvin Gerard is the person responsible, the evidence just keeps piling up, and we’ll have to see where things go from here.

Are you shocked that Mr. Kaplan’s sister Maureen is dead on The Blacklist season 9?

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