‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Who could we see a different side of?

Dexter and Debra MorganIf there is one thing that every good show must do, it is evolve; and with that, we have to anticipate there being some changes coming up in the world of “Dexter” for the show’s eighth and final season.

So what will these changes be, exactly? Specifically today, we are talking about one character who may start to see another side to Dexter Morgan that she really should have noticed long ago: Jamie Batista. Harrison’s jovial caretaker has long been someone to just take Michael C. Hall’s character at his word, and never really question anything that he says or does. But how long will that list? In a response to a fan on Twitter, actress Aimee Garcia dropped this tiny little scoop on just where we could see her character going next:

“Jamie might not b #SoInnocent this #Dexter season ;)”

Garcia also told show site Dexter Daily on the social-networking site that it may be in part because of a potential relationship with Quinn (who she was strangely paired off with in the recent finale) that she is starting to see Dexter in a different way. In the end, this would make sense: Quinn has long ignored Dexter’s strange behavior thanks largely to the feelings that he has for Deb, and he could start to ring some sense into Jamie’s head about the fact that Dexter’s “long work hours” are never quite as long as he makes them appear to her while she is on the job with his son. We don’t really know if Jamie is going to start biting the hand that feeds her, but she will at least be in a position where she will start to wonder more about what exactly is going on with this guy.

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