‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 12 preview: Winchester family values

SupernaturalWhile Wednesday night’s new episode of “Supernatural” may not really do much to push forward the storyline with Kevin or the tablet, it will provide another service that is likely to be much-appreciated by longtime fans of the show: giving us an opportunity to actually see the evolution of Sam and Dean Winchester as characters … especially when they are about to learn so much more about their past.

All of this time, the two have been lead to believe that John Winchester’s father really just ditched him at an early age, and there is so little that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ characters really know about this part of the family. However, this is going to be changing in a big way now, as Jeremy Carver (who serves as executive producer / showrunner) explains in the video below. This will be an hour of discovery as Sam and Dean learn just who Henry Winchester is, and in turn have the opportunity to have a much greater understanding as to why they turned out to be the people that they are today.

In addition to some quotes from Carver, there are also some pretty funny one-liners from Sam and Dean mixed in here … including some pretty great quotes about H.G. Wells and how “hunters are apes.” Think of it as a good companion video to the episode itself, which is continuing a trend of giving us some innovative hours of television thus far in the new year. As for whether or not it can top “LARP and the Real Girl,” one of our personal favorites of the year, that is a different story.

Speaking of “LARP and the Real Girl,” be sure to also check out the link here to find out about when you can see Felicia Day appearing again on the show this season.

Photo: The CW

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