‘The Bachelor’: Sean Lowe defends giving Tierra LiCausi group date rose

TierraAre you angry at Sean Lowe at the moment? If so, first of all you should realize that it’s probably not a good idea to be angry at someone on a reality TV show. When you are “The Bachelor,” it’s much easier to get things wrong than you would imagine. You are one man trying to handle multiple women plus production constantly being in your face, and it is inevitable that you are going to miss some of what is obvious to viewers at home.

One of these such things just so happens to be Tierra LiCausi being an emotional tornado in the house. He took a great deal of heat for basically rewarding her freak-out at the group date, but writing in his People Magazine blog after the date, he defended his actions by saying that he simply did not know everything that was going on with Tierra and the other ladies behind closed doors:

“What I didn’t know was how much the other women disliked her. For the most part, Tierra was all smiles around me, so I didn’t know she was showing the women another side. When I found her crying on the steps, I knew she doubted whether or not she should be there.

“… I’ll admit my decision to give her the rose was a symbolic Band-Aid. I wanted Tierra to be happy and I wanted to fix whatever was wrong with her. Isn’t that what boyfriends are supposed to do? It was obviously a rash decision that was not received well by the other women. But please keep in mind I had not seen the Tierra they had.”

Here’s really what the catch-22 when it comes to Tierra: had some of Sean’s ladies tried to warn him about her, he probably would have sent them home over trying to meddle. Therefore, there is no real other way for events to play out than as they did on the show. Hopefully, Sean will just end up learning the hard way that she is there for the competition as much as she is to be with him. (Who knows? Maybe it’s all editing, and she is not as villainous as she seems.)

If you want to hear what show host Chris Harrison has to say about Tierra and some of her antics, be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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