‘Justified’ season 4, episode 4 review: Flying the coop

Justified“Justified” is officially in the middle of a pretty great season 4, and Tuesday’s episode can be best described as both hilarious and a game-changer. After all, someone else has learned a lesson to not mess with Raylan; not only that, but we also learned that not every character on TV is so dumb as to not run away when given the opportunity to do so.

Let’s start with the latter, since the decision by Ellen May to take off (and thus escape a pretty grisly fate) not only was hilarious, but also presented Colt with a serious problem moving into next week. We don’t know how far she could have really gone away, but this added another layer to what is a very strange / exciting story of Boyd and the church.

Speaking of things that are strange and exciting, who in their right mind predicted that we were going to be seeing chickens play such a role in a storyline? While we knew that Lindsey clearly cared for Randall more than Raylan, we found out here that she really loves herself more than either one of them. When she had an opportunity to take all of the money she and her partner-in-crime were able to snatch from the Marshal, she left the two boys in order to sort out some of their problems together.

As a result of this, we had a fantastic face-off scene. Raylan realized that all Lindsey had left them were some prized chickens, which Randall suggested they use in the world fighting. He was warned to not utter these words again, but he did, and thus Randall got himself shot. It’s his own fault, and it was a hilarious TV moment that seemingly puts an end to this story for now, and frees up Timothy Olymphant’s character to get back to the Drew Thompson case on more of a full-time basis.

What did you think about this episode overall? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and we also have some more scoop when it comes to Raylan and Lindsey over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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