The Blacklist season 9: Who is Clara Moore? Mr. Kaplan connection

The Blacklist season 9 artWho is Clara Moore? Tonight’s The Blacklist season 9 episode introduced the character, and that comes with plenty of questions.

The most important thing we learned about Clara in the episode tonight is that she absolutely has some big-time ties to Mr. Kaplan. The two had some sort of relationship prior to the latter’s death! This is important since it’s clearly something that Reddington did not know about, and he is very-much eager for answers.

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We of course wondered if Clara is the person who give information to someone about what Mr. Kaplan was plotting prior to her death — after all, her sister Maureen Rowan wasn’t much help. The only thing she was able to offer was Clara’s name.

As the episode progressed, we learned that Clara, like Mr. Kaplan, was a cleaner. She was working for the title Blacklister in Laszlo Jankowics, and of course, Reddington was ready to interrogate her with all sorts of questions about who she was and what she was capable of doing. It turns out that Clara was well-aware of the fact that Reddington was responsible for Kate’s death. She also knew everyone in Reddington’s organization — take, for example, Brimley. Brimley interrogated Clara, and that allowed Reddington to learn that Kaplan may actually be alive thanks to a note from two days before.

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