Is Diany Rodriguez leaving the Blacklist, and is Weecha Xiu dead?

The Blacklist season 9 artFollowing tonight’s The Blacklist, is Diany Rodriguez leaving the show? Is Weecha Xiu really dead? We think these questions have to be raised based on what we just saw!

We know that in general, the producers for the NBC show have gone into overdrive as of late trying to bring us some shocking and/or compelling stories. That’s been here for a while in the form of Reddington learning the truth about Liz’s death — or at least trying to. It has taken us already to some unexpected places, and there could be more twists and turns the rest of the way.

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In the closing seconds of the episode tonight, we saw Diany’s character seemingly blown up — it made for a jaw-dropping moment, and we have to wait and see what the future holds here. We don’t know if she was necessarily in the room when it blew up, and the same goes for Mr. Kaplan — or whoever that was meant to be. There’s a good chance it was just some constructed illusion designed to make us wonder.

Of course, we can’t say for sure that the character is dead — she may not have been in the precise spot of the explosion and even if she was, she could still make it out. This is just evidence that this entire situation was some sort of setup, but by who? Who went through all of this?

Fingers crossed Weecha pulls through; we’ve come to really enjoy her on the show!

Do you think that Weecha could really be dead on The Blacklist season 9?

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