Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Jacey-Lynne Graham on final five eviction

Jacey-LynneLast night on Big Brother Canada 10 Jacey-Lynne Graham went out in fifth place, and with Kevin and Haleena deciding to take her out rather than Josh.

What was behind that move? We think it’s mostly those two determining that she was a bigger threat to win at the end, which we do think is true as opposed to Josh. She had a vote from Gino and most likely Summer, if she was there next to anyone other than Betty. She had also shown herself to be a clutch competition performer.

But what did Jacey herself have to say about her eviction after the fact? That’s something we were happy to talk about with her a little bit further today.

Matt & Jess – Looking back on your campaign the past few days, do you feel like you did everything you could?

Jacey-Lynne – I truly believe that I said and did everything I could in my campaign to stay, which makes me feel a lot better. Coming out of the house that way doesn’t make me feel as bad.

It’s not as though my campaign didn’t land, it’s that Kevin, Haleena, and Josh had a little side-deal going on. That makes me feel a little bit better, too.

Did you think entering the eviction there was still a chance you’d stay?

Absolutely not. I knew going into it that I was 100% leaving and that’s okay. At least they told me ahead of time and gave me a heads-up. I knew they were going to vote as a unit, and it was written in the sand. I was a fifth wheel in the house with two duos playing the game.

If you had gone to the final three with Kevin and Haleena like you discussed during the week, who would you have wanted to take to the final two?

I was 100% honest when I told Kevin I wanted to take him to final two. I really did want to and that’s who I wanted to sit next to, just because Haleena can pull out that she’s never hit the block for the entirety of the game, which is so impressive. The fact that she has that and two PoV wins — she’s not someone I want to sit next to. She’s actually quite threatening to my game!

What was the experience like winning that Veto during the triple eviction?

It was wild. I still can’t wrap my head around it! I’m still shocked that Josh put me up in the first place. I really thought it’d be Kevin or Haleena. So that in itself made me feel like “okay, interesting.” I did what I needed to do — I feel like I blacked out and my body just did it. The next thing I knew, I was hitting the buzzer. I’m so proud of myself — I’m still shocked that I did it.

Do you have any game regrets at all this season?

I don’t have any game regrets — I stand by my decisions and everything I did in that house. The one thing I would tell myself, though, looking back is not to take anyone’s word for face value. Always assume everyone is lying to you! I think I wouldn’t have been played so often (laughs).

Who among the other players has surprised you the most?

Gino actually did really surprise me. Going into the house, I just saw the guy covered in tats named Gino. I thought he was going to be loud and obnoxious, and I had this whole vision of him in my head. He was just so not that, so level-headed and a great decision-maker. Everyone went to him for advice and looked up to him. He played the game amazingly and people really trusted him. I really looked up to his gameplay.

How are you feeling about your Big Brother Canada experience overall?

I had a great time. Even though there were highs and lows — real low lows, I might add — it was a great experience. I’m a huge fan of the show and always wanted to play the game and see how far I could go if I was in that house. I’m so happy I got to meet so many people from all walks of life and all around Canada. I would not change it for the world.

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