The Blacklist season 9 episode 18: Could Mr. Kaplan’s sister appear?

The Blacklist season 9 art

There’s no denying that The Blacklist season 9 episode 18 could be compelling — the show will almost always be when Mr. Kaplan is involved!

Of course, where things get a little bit complicated in this instance is that we’re not so much talking about her being around in the present. As great as Mr. Kaplan was (especially during season 4), it’s still hard to imagine her still being alive. We saw her body not only hit the water in that finale, but then float back up to the surface. Reddington had to check the body, right?

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This is where the idea of Mr. Kaplan’s sister comes into play. Who is Maureen Rowan? She was mentioned as a part of the episode “The Harem” back in season 4, when her name appeared on a list of people in witness protection. Reddington was desperate to get a hold of that list, but not because he wanted to find her. Instead, he wanted to ensure no one else was able to down the road.

Provided that he still has that list, it’s possible that in this episode Friday, we could see the character track Maureen down … but to what end? We know that he could be wondering if A) Kaplan is still alive or B) how she managed to execute her safe plan so many years in the past. Who else knew about that second safe? Who was able to execute the switcheroo plan? There are a lot of components to this mystery right now, and all of it seems tied to the night of Liz’s death. There is a larger conspiracy that we could get more answers on Friday.

We should note that, at least for now, we’re not 100% suspicious that Mr. Kaplan’s sister killed Liz. Kaplan herself never wanted anything bad to happen to Liz! If Maureen wanted revenge on someone it’d be Reddington himself, but we’re not sure she’s capable of that much dark stuff. The whole reason she was in witness protection was because of a virtuous act testifying against some bad people!

Do you think Mr. Kaplan’s sister could play a role on The Blacklist season 9 episode 18?

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