The Blacklist season 9 episode 18 photo: Reddington & Weecha’s goal

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 9 episode 18 will be coming to NBC this Friday, and we have a good sense already of how important it will be. This episode, titled “Laszlo Jankowics,” has so much that it needs to take on!

First and foremost, remember what happened at the end of Friday’s installment with the implication that Mr. Kaplan could somehow still be alive. Or, at the very least, there are remnants from her life still out there. We all saw Reddington’s former associate jump off the bridge at the end of season 4; we also saw her body float back up to the surface. After Reddington failed to check if she was still alive when he first shot her, we tend to think she would’ve verified if she was actually dead or not.

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Well, the photo above shows James Spader’s character and Weecha sitting around and waiting for … something. We tend to imagine that they will chase down every loose end possible on Kaplan. If Reddington is 100% confident that Kaplan is actually dead, then he needs to figure out who could’ve known about what she did with the safe; or, who could have figured out some of it after her death. It feels like this person could be tied to Reddington’s organization in some form; or, at the very least, have a good motivation to go after him. Sure, he’s made plenty of enemies, but we also want this person to actually matter in the grand scheme of things. They shouldn’t be plucked from total obscurity.

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