‘The Bachelor’ review: Tierra LiCausi pitches a fit, gets Sean Lowe’s rose

TierraMonday night’s new episode of “The Bachelor” was ripe with unintentional comedy. First, we had Sean talking about sincere while wearing boxer shorts; then, we had a guy awkwardly singing to no one when Sean Lowe sent his one-on-one date home early. In summation we had an “apology” from Tierra LiCausi to some of the women she was infuriating in the house, even though it was so obviously fake and strategy-based that even your gullible niece would have fallen for it.

As always, we’re going to try and look at this love-fest (which was mostly entertaining this week, save for the boring one-on-ones) in terms of the ladies who received roses, and the ladies who went home.

Received a rose on dates

Selma Alameri – We didn’t really know much about Selma before this episode, and we really felt that her “I don’t want to do this” edit was in some ways forced when it came to her not wanting to rock climb before the date, but being completely in love with it afterwards.

As for her no-kissing rule, it’s different than the Elizabeth Kitt situation where she was just doing it to mess with Jake Pavelka. It’s for cultural reasons, and Sean’s cool enough to respect that.

Tierra – Notice how Tierra did not say after “making up” with Robyn and Jackie that she was hear to fall in love and get married. She said “I am here to win this.” It’s a competition, and she wants to win the competition. We totally get that, and that’s why she used one of the oldest tricks in the book in order to get a rose at the group date: throwing an enormous fit aver some of the other women being “fake,” and then making Sean feel like he had to give her a rose to reassure her that all is right in the world.

Received a rose at the Rose Ceremony

Catherine Giudici – Where in the world did this kiss come from? These two had a super-sweet moment, but there was almost no buildup or story arc to it at all.

Desiree Hartsock – There was no screentime for Desiree this week, but she has to still be a favorite.

Lesley Murphy – See Desire above.

Lindsay Yenter – There was no big moment for her and Sean this week, but there really didn’t need to be after the momentum of the past couple of episodes.

Robyn Howard – Like Catherine, Robyn had a breakthrough. At leas tin her case we saw a little bit of buildup to the kiss over the past few weeks.

AshLee Frazier – Following their one-on-one date last week, these two were going strong at the group date until Tierra spoiled the party.

Sarah Herron – She had a very difficult time at the roller-derby group date, but somehow still managed to keep her head up in the end.

Daniella – We know so little about Daniella right now that we still don’t have her last name memorized.

Jackie – Literally, all we know about her at the moment is that Tierra apologized to her.


Leslie Hughes – Leslie did not make it past her one-on-one date, and honestly the best part of this were all of the people awkwardly recording her and Sean on their camera phones in the background. She seems like a very nice person, but there was zero chemistry here at all.

Amanda Meyer – This was probably the worst few days possible for Amanda. She nearly breaks her jaw after acting like she was the roller-derby queen, and then she gets sent home at the Rose Ceremony. She never really did a good job expressing her emotions, so it is hard to say that we are really surprised.

Next wee on “The Bachelor,” it looks like Tierra could be up to some of her own tricks again … which includes running around in a bikini in very cold weather, and then having to get medical attention later (and possibly for the same thing). She may not be a bad person in life, but she is trying way too hard here.

Do you think Tierra is Sean’s version of Courtney Robertson, and what do you think he is feeling watching this show back? If you want to see where we ranked some of his top contenders before the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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