Is Alon Aboutboul leaving Snowfall; is Avi dead after season 5 finale?

Snowfall season 5Is Alon Aboutboul leaving Snowfalland did his character of Avi die following the events of the season 5 finale on FX? We anticipated a lot of devastating moments in this episode, mostly because that’s just the way things often happen here.

However, we didn’t quite think that the weapons specialist was going to be the character kicking the metaphorical bucket here. He was one of the more unique and unusual people within this world; also, he is essential to the operation that Teddy has set up to assist the government in Central America. Without Avi’s firepower, what is he going to do moving forward?

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There’s no further need to beat around the bush here: Avi is dead. The character was killed close to the end of the finale, as it was revealed that Ruben has been working with the KGB and the entire situation is far more complicated than we ever first realized. It turns out that Cissy and him are going to work together now to take down Teddy, and Franklin could easily be on board with that.

When it comes to Teddy, his challenge now is simply going to be trying to find a way to secure a new weapons broker. Franklin could be a threat again for him down the road, but odds are, he’s going to focus on the issue right in front of him first — and what he doesn’t know is that there’s an entirely different police force that could be breathing down his neck soon.

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