The Blacklist season 9: Who is behind Liz’s death?

The Blacklist season 9 artAs we dive further into The Blacklist season 9, one question definitely stands out front and center: Who is responsible for Liz’s death? When are we going to learn more about that?

We do know that the show loves to linger on some of these mysteries for as long as possible, and it’s certainly possible they do that here. As a matter of fact, we almost expect that they will! Yet, we’ve got a handful of possible candidates to talk through here, and we’re happy to get into it.

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Marvin Gerard – The most logical name to consider. He never wanted Liz to run the empire, and he could’ve ordered her death thinking it would ensure it stayed in more stable hands. He probably never thought the truth would come out and with that, he is scrambling.

Cynthia Panabaker – It was a fun one to think about, given that she did have a burn notice out on Liz. However, after her elaborate show the past few weeks about morals and only crossing the line under extreme circumstances, it feels like the odds of this are fading by the minute.

Neville Townsend – Is he somehow still alive? The only reason to think this is that #2 on the Blacklist is still vacant. It’s just hard to imagine that he would’ve stopped his revenge tour just at killing Liz at this point. Why not keep that rolling for the two years after her death?

Katarina Rostova – What if she’s still alive and out there? It’s a fascinating theory that would lead to an awesome surprise, but it’s also incredibly dark that she would order a hit on her own daughter … unless Reddington was actually the target or Vandyke, for whatever reason, did not care.

Someone else – Is there another face from the past possibly out there? Could Mr. Kaplan somehow be alive? We know there are going to be theories aplenty over the next few weeks, as this is a great subject to think about.

Who do you think could be behind Liz’s death on The Blacklist season 9?

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