Power Book IV: Force season 1 finale: The future for Tommy, Liliana?

Power Book IV: Force season 1Going into Power Book IV: Force season 1, we had zero expectation that we’d ever seen the character of Liliana again. Yet, not only has that now happened, but she’s become a personal favorite rather quickly for a number of different reasons. She’s high-energy, opinionated, and a great foil to Tommy Egan.

Beyond all of this, we can’t deny that there is also a little bit of chemistry here between the two.

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Of course, we’re well aware that both Tommy and Liliana have each indicated that nothing romantic is ever going to happen between them. Yet, we don’t think they’d ever admit to catching feelings if they were there. They’re partners first and foremost, and we don’t think that they view themselves in any other way.

However, they also have so much more in common than either one of them would probably care to admit. They understand each other, for starters, on a really deep emotional level. They both have gone through it, and they also understand that they know no other life but this. They also aren’t afraid to give each other a hard time and they are genuinely funny in one another’s company. There could be something more here if they wanted there to be … but we also don’t think it’s something the show would ever rush or make corny.

For now, we’d just say to keep your eyes peeled on this in the finale, provided of course that 1) Liliana survives and 2) Audrey Esparza sticks around for season 2. Can she be a series regular already?

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