‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Dean locks lips with…

SupernaturalWho doesn’t love the sight of Jensen Ackles getting romantic? Well, those of you who do appreciate witnessing a liplock from one of the Winchester brothers on TV will likely appreciate the photo to the left, which is from the 14th episode of “Supernatural” season 8 entitled “Trial and Error” (which appropriately airs the day before Valentine’s Day).

Sadly, we do not know much else about the context of the kiss. The actress seen here playing the character Ellie is Danay Garcia, and her most-notable credit before this show was a 15-episode arc on “Prison Break” several years ago. We don’t know whether or not she will be sticking around for a while, but things tend to not end well for women who end up getting romantic with a Winchester.

SupernaturalFor those of you who don’t have an interest in romance at all, know this: we will for sure have a continuation on the primary arc of the season during this episode following some episodes (including “LARP and the Real Girl” and possibly even Wednesday’s installment “As Time Goes By”) that are more or less really entertaining filler. Either Sam or Dean is going to have to go through a series of trials as a result of Kevin making a breakthrough with the tabloid, and the decision to be made here is just which one of the guys it will be. Maybe the picture of Dean holding handcuffs is a sign that he is going to be the guy? Only time will tell, dear friends.

For now, be sure to share some of what you want to see happen in this episode below, and you can watch a clip for Wednesday’s “Supernatural” just by visiting the story over here.

Photo: The CW

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