The Blacklist season 9 debate: How Liz’s death, blackmail are linked

The Blacklist season 9 artThe Blacklist season 9 is at this point, in a really interesting part of its story. We’ve now learned more about how the death of Liz is linked to events in the present. Yet, there are still some major question marks so many of us have.

Take, for example, who hired Reggie Cole, the former cop-turned private investigator who was killed last night before they could speak out. We know that they are the person who got the tracker from Andrew Kennison, and also the person who framed Harold Cooper. They were dangerous for sure, but the person who hired them even more so?

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As it is discussed in the video, one of the prevailing theories at this point is that Marvin Gerard is the person responsible for all of this, and there is legitimate evidence behind it. We’ve known for a while now that Reddington’s attorney was not a fan of Liz seemingly running Reddington’s empire after his death. With that in mind, he could have easily hired Vandyke to kill Liz and ensure that didn’t happen. He also may be somewhat cold to Reddington underneath the surface these days after he had Brimley torture him, thinking he had betrayed him when in reality, it was Skip back in season 8.

So why would Marvin, or whoever was responsible for the tracker, frame Cooper now? It’s largely a means of defending themselves to ensure the Task Force can’t operate and figure out the truth. They may not have been worried about being found out when Reddington was gone for two years. Now, however, all bets are off, and clearly they did not want the truth about Kennison to be found. Marvin could be acting desperate now solely for self-preservation.

Are there still other theories out there? Cynthia Panabaker was a fun possibility, but it feels flimsy now — as does the idea that Neville Townsend is somehow back from the dead.

Who do you think is responsible for this chaos on The Blacklist season 9?

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