Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Hermon Nizghi on making the jury!

Hermon Big Brother CanadaLast night Hermon Nizghi officially became the first member of the Big Brother Canada 10 jury, and that capped his run of being a fierce competitor and presence in the house. He was never afraid to be himself, which made him consistently one of the most entertaining people to watch on the feeds.

So what went wrong in terms of Hermon’s game? We’ll get him perspective in this interview, but a big part of it comes simply down to the wrong person being in power (Marty) who was easily impressionable by the likes of Kevin and Haleena. Hermon was a threat to their game and in that way, this was the proper time to get him out of the game.

Note that because this is the jury portion of the season, we cannot get into anything that happened on the feeds, or things that Hermon would not be aware of from his point of view.

Matt & Jess – How are you feeling one day after being evicted?

Hermon – I got backdoored! I’m just kidding — I’m feeling good. I did not think I was going to be in jury, and I feel like they had a shot at taking out a threat and they had to take it.

Going back to the first week, do you think being HoH right away helped or hurt your game?

Early on I thought it hurt my game, but in hindsight, I think it helped my game. It gave me an opportunity to have game-chats with all 15 houseguests on day 2. I don’t know if everyone else had that opportunity. It opened the door with game-chat conversations with everyone pretty early.

What do you think is the key contributing factor to you being evicted this week?

I was definitely playing to be good with everyone in the house. I had a full-on alliance with both sides of the house and when everything blew up week 3, I don’t think I put in enough effort week 4 to reestablish deep bonds with Tynesha, Summer, Josh, Betty, and Haleena.

Is there any campaign you wish you had tried with the other players, but didn’t?

(Laughs) I went through everything in my rolodex! I hit them with the one-on-ones, I hit them with the group conversations, the full pitch strategy, the bait-and-switch, I hit them with going up as a pawn. I don’t know what else I could do. I hit them with everything! That’s why I feel okay with [what I did].

Who did you want to be sitting next to at the end and why?

I probably would have wanted to sit next to someone like Moose or Gino — those are my friends. Or, maybe someone like Kevin or Haleena, since I think I could beat them. The one person I didn’t want to be sitting next to was Marty, because I think he probably would beat me unless I won a few HoHs.

Who has surprised you the most this season based on your first impression of them?

For some reason, I keep thinking Kevin. I thought he was going to be a wallflower in the background and float his way to the top six or top seven. Kevin came alive in week 2 and his trajectory has been very up-and-up. He comes across as very non-threatening, he won a Veto, and he’s a player.

Are you happy with the game you played? Anything you would change in general?

I am happy with the game I played, but I put a lot of blind trust into people and should have been more skeptical in some situations. There’s not much I would change going back; I just would’ve done more in week 4 to set myself up for [late in the game].

How are you feeling now about being the first member of the jury?

I’m excited! I’m pumped. I didn’t think I’d have a chance to influence the game in the end, and now I can help with the [final] decision.

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