‘Justified’ season 4, episode 4 preview: Raylan isn’t done with Lindsey

JustifiedLately there has been a lot of focus on Boyd Crowder and his fight with Pastor Billy on “Justified” season 4, but today we are going to take a look at a big storyline that started up last week with Raylan Givens and the barmaid he was hooking up with, Lindsey.

At first we weren’t really sure where the show was going with the whole Raylan living on top of a bar and fooling around with Lindsey the bartender story, especially since her character was fairly dull, but after last week’s episode where Lindsey turned out to be a confidence woman and played a scam with her husband to get to Raylan’s cash we finally sat up and took interest in Lindsey.  The “scam” that Lindsey and her husband played was fairly simple – Lindsey seduced some poor unsuspecting Shmuck (in this case Raylan) and then she grabs the cash when the man isn’t around, but what made the “scam” interesting this time is that she told Raylan about it.  She not only told him about the “scam”, but also that she ran it with her husband until one time he got jealous that other men were touching his wife and beat a target nearly to death.  She claimed that was the last time she did it, but by the end of the episode Raylan’s room was wiped clean – his cash and Lindsey were gone.

On next week’s episode of “Justified”, Raylan will not be taking this theft sitting down and he will be doing whatever it takes to find Lindsey and her husband to get his money back (and perhaps some justice to these two thieves).  We are hoping that Lindsey really was playing Raylan and that the show isn’t going to take the predictable turn of Lindsey’s husband threatening to kill Raylan if she didn’t pull the job with him, so she did it in order to protect him (seen that one way too many times for it to be interesting anymore). Lindsey’s not likeable enough that anyone really wants to see her with Raylan long term, so why not let her be as bad as bad can be?

Take a look at the new promo for next week’s episode of “Justified” season 4 called “The Bird Has Flown” and tell us how you want to see the Raylan/Lindsey storyline unfold.

Photo: FX

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