‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 13 preview: Will Lavon have a new love interest?

Hart of DixieOn next week’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” called “Lovesick Blues” the Department of Health issues a warning to the people of Bluebell that a bad flu epidemic will be hitting their town hard, so Zoe gets prepared by putting Bluebell on lock down in an attempt to ward off as much damage as possible. With Zoe’s quarantine comes other problems for the good doctor, including her boyfriend Wade being forced to stay the night with one of his ex-girlfriends.  After last week’s episode where George’s mom caused a whole boatload of problems (literally) for Zoe and Wade in attempt to connect Zoe and George as a couple, it’s likely that Wade spending the night with his ex is going to have Zoe coming face to face with some insecurities about their relationship.

Where things are really going to get interesting in the next episode of “Hart of Dixie” is going to be with Lavon’s story line.  We’ve seen him have his heart smashed to pieces by Ruby when she not only said “no” to his marriage proposal, but also broke up with him completely and moved away to Dallas.  Any romance that he could’ve had with Lemon is in the dumpster at the moment too, because of her hand in breaking Lavon and Ruby up.

Hart of DixieSo is there a new love interest on the way for Lavon?  It seems that there is.  There has been spoilers saying that Lavon will be making a commercial for Bluebell to try and amp up tourism, but that he will be having a difficult time focusing on the commercial because of his growing interest in his co-star.  While it hasn’t been revealed just  who this co-star is, photos from next week’s episode seem to be pointing to the mystery woman being AnnaBeth.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new promo for next week’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” then be sure to check it out here.   Do you think that Zoe has any reason to be worried about Wade spending the night with his ex-girlfriend?  Do you like the idea of romance blossoming between Lavon and AnnaBeth or do you think because of her friendship and business with Lemon that she should back off of Lavon?  Leave us a comment and tells us what you think?

Photos: CW (Source: Spoiler TV)

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