‘Breaking Bad’: Limited edition Walter White Lego figure hits the web

Breaking BadLast year we saw the guy who built the lab that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were cooking in while they were working for Gus Fring out of Lego blocks and while that was incredibly impressive, the Lego men used to portray “Breaking Bad’s” Walter and Jesse were missing a little something to set them apart from the regular run of the mill Lego guys.

Well now there is a new Lego man on the market that looks just like Walter White, complete with Hazmat suit and flask for cooking.  The Walter Lego man is not being produced by the actual Lego company and is not associated with AMC’s “Breaking Bad” at all – in fact the Walter Lego man is a limited edition product created by a Chicago based brick company called Citizen Brick who specializes in making customized Lego pieces.

Citizen Brick founder, Joe Trupia, spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his Walter White Lego figure, saying that he wanted to make something for the “Breaking Bad” fans out there that are like him.  He said: “I like to think I make stuff for guys that are like me. Adults who still enjoy playing with Legos.”

The problem here is that Lego and AMC are not part of Trupia’s Walter White Lego venture and because he is profiting off of a character that he does not own the rights to use, it’s possible that AMC may not be happy about this.  Trupia is hoping that because he is a small operation, and he is only making 400 of these limited edition Walter Legos, that AMC and Lego won’t bother coming after him.

Photo: AMC

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