‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: When will we dig deep into Alison’s past?

Pretty Little LiarsAs some point, Alison DiLauerentis was somebody that the “Pretty Little Liars” would have wanted to be friends with … right? If there is one easy criticism you could make of the ABC Family series based on what is being shown to us at the moment, it is the fact that it is hard to understand why anyone would be so invested in a character who was pretty awful to just about everyone that they met … even if she did not deserve to die.

Luckily, there are more answers coming, in addition to some more looks back into the character’s past back before things started to get out of hand in the days leading up to her murder. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Marlene King says that patience is going to be required to fully understand the Alison story, especially since it will be at least summer before we really get an opportunity to explore this fully:

“That’s something I would like to explore in Season 4 … To go back to some of the moments where we realize why the girls were attracted to Alison — because she wasn’t pure evil and it does seem like [she is] in Season 3. We’re now seeing her darker, mean girl side. But there’s definitely a flashback coming up on Season 3B where we see a more vulnerable side of Alison.”

Part of the reason for waiting on this Alison story is largely to space things out, and to keep this a mystery really worth discussing for several more years down the line. We learned recently that the producers see this show going for two more seasons after this one … so why not answer every question slowly over time? Plus, the characters are going to be so developed by the time the series finale hits that almost everyone will be fully shocked by the revelations that come out of it.

Why do you think Alison was such an interesting person to the Liars in the first place? Be sure to share some of your theories below, and you can also watch a preview for Tuesday night’s new episode over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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