‘Suits’ season 2, episode 12 review: A time for peace?

SuitsWill Harvey and Louis ever really get along? This was the question that kick-started Thursday night’s new episode of “Suits,” and we had an answer long before the credits rolled: not really. Even with that, though, the one commonality these two share is a mutual love for Pearson Hardman, even if they tend to diverge at times when it comes to how they want to deal with them.

For a prime example, just take a look at how Louis came back to the fold this week just when it was starting to look as though we could be seeing the man jump ship despite at first being as loyal as loyal can be to the company. Was it surprising to see him to go Allison for a partnership elsewhere? Both yes and no. The guy’s not exactly an example of model behavior, and he’s also at a workplace now where he is hardly treated like anything close to the teacher’s pet. (That honor instead goes to Harvey.) Sooner or later, Louis is going to leverage himself into something better … but what this episode told us is that this better has to be substantial.

Instead, what we just saw was a series of people freaking out on each other. Harvey was furious at Louis for frequently getting in his way, and of course Harvey took some rage on his frequent punching bag Mike. Yet again, Mike tried to take advantage of a situation to help someone else, practically begging Louis to let Howard keep his job. However, Mike had to ultimately just realize defeat in that he could not live up to Louis’ demands to look over every piece of work Howard touched.

Ultimately, we’re looking forward to seeing more of a time in which Harvey and Louis got along, mostly because it is always intriguing to watch and see how someone changes over time. These men were not always so bitter and competitive, and they may have once been people we could actually (gasp!) root for all of the time.

Overall, what did you think about this “Suits” episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read even more news pertaining to “Suits” season 2 by checking out the story over at the link here.

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