‘Glee’ season 4, episode 11 review: Have Kurt and Blaine moved on with [spoiler]?

GleeThere have been plenty of surprises on “Glee” over the years, but some of the events that unfolded during “Sadie Hawkins” we never saw coming in a million years. For example, why in the world would Tina suddenly develop an interest in Blaine, a man that she can never be with? The same probably goes for Blaine and Sam, which is made all the more awkward by the fact that Blaine is also still getting over Kurt.

The sweetest part about this episode is that most of these “pairs” had their moment, even if it was not romantic so much as it was merely sweet. Blaine first had a chance to dance with Tina, and then took off with Sam in order to make a key revelation: that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals a la Lance Armstrong. This is something that honestly makes our blood boil: there needs to be something going on with “Glee” every year despite competition, and the idea of a “what happens to the losing team?” angle was interesting and different. After all, we’ve already seen this group at the top of the mountain.

Also on tap this week: Kurt finding himself a new love interest in New York in Adam, the leader of a show choir with the creative name of Adam’s Apples. The only thing more surprising than this? Seeing Puck hook up with Kitty. We can’t go on our high horse and proclaim that this is illegal (even if it is), since it happens in high school all the time. What we are so curious about at the moment is just why Kitty decided to take a 180 and suddenly be nice to a man that she previously mocked and called a loser.

“Glee” is probably angering some diehard fans right now with some of these stories, mostly since we know that the support is strong behind Finn and Rachel along with Kurt and Blaine. However, we’re at least happy that the people that these characters are romantically involved with at the moment are at least likable … even Brody, who Rachel surprisingly freaked on for being late, even when it was not his fault.

Did you dig this episode, even if you’re not a fan of some of the couples at the moment? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Also, you can check out some more romantic storylines for the show moving forward at the link here.

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