‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4, episode 11 review: Did Stefan, Rebekah [spoiler]?

Paul WesleyLast week on “The Vampire Diaries,” we saw the formation of three real alliances within the characters: Team Shane, Team Klaus, and Team Rebekah. So are the allegiances still this firm? Read on to find out.

After several weeks of more or less being stuck in one gear during the fall, we really enjoy everything that is being cultivated now. Damon is starting to be forced at odds against Jeremy thanks to Kol, and this could cause all of the training that he gave Jeremy to work against him. (After all, the guy’s got to protect himself, right?)

For a group of people who are supposed to be a family, the Originals could really not be at odds more if the y tried. We’ve never really seen much of Kol on the show before now, but the guy is a madman. Is there any way that this guy survives to the end of the season? The consequences that come if he dies are drastic, but we are not quite sure that some people will have any other choice.

While Shane started to finally have a doubter in Bonnie and the issue of the cure started to spiral to what will be an interesting showdown in a few weeks, what we figure that most people are going to be talking about for a little while is what happened between Stefan and Rebekah. Is Paul Wesley’s character so convinced that he needs to prove something to himself that he is over Elena that he decided to have a little bit of “fun”? We don’t know what other answer there is.

What did you think about this episode as a whole? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below, and you can read the latest scoop on the upcoming spin-off “The Originals” over at the link here.

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