‘Big Brother Canada’: First promo with host Arisa Cox

Big Brother CanadaWith every day, we inch another step closer to the debut of “Big Brother Canada,” and on this occasion we are sharing something that is indeed worth celebrating: the first promo for the show featuring none other than the new host in Arisa Cox.

If there much that we can take from the Slice clip at all? Sadly, no; instead, what we really just have is a reminder that the house is built, everything is getting ready to start, and that Cox will indeed be the host. What we do like about the two seconds that we see her is that there is enough gravitas in her voice to remind us of the legendary Julie Chen … who in our mind is someone that every other “Big Brother” host should try to be like. She does not take it necessarily as seriously as she makes it appear during some of her opening monologues, and the little game that she plays with the viewers is thus what makes it fun.

Cox has said that she wants to have a little bit more of a sense of humor about things than Chen often did during her time hosting the show, but we will not really get an accurate opportunity to judge this until we are several weeks into the show and can formulate a much better idea as to how she handles elimination interviews, introducing the challenges on the show, and having a handle on the houseguests. No one was better in striking fear into the hearts of the house than Chen, who once threatened a contestant this past summer that they would be serious trouble if she was to come into the house.

Thus far, what’a your excitement level for “Big Brother Canada”? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can find out some more information about the live feeds for the season over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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