ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Fitz’s baby talk

ScandalFor whatever reason (presumably that there are more “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes in a season), there is no new episode of “Scandal” airing on Thursday night. However, we do still have a little bit of scoop to share when it comes to the road coming up for some of these characters.

For Fitz in particular, the vibe we are getting is confusion above all else. He said to Mellie that he wants to divorce her, but was he really thinking clearly when he said it? In addition to that, what would a divorce mean to the Oval Office? We have a hard time imagining that he would just be able to go on dates, and if it may not even amount to anything with Olivia thanks to a marriage proposal that has been recently fired in her direction.

Speaking to TV Guide, actor Tony Goldwyn promises that Fitz is going to have plenty to think about when “Scandal” returns to the air soon, with one of the biggest issues being the fact that his wife is expecting a child with him:

“The baby is a big emotional issue, so that certainly weighs on Fitz a lot, and that will be one of the big issues … I can’t say whether it’s decisive or not, but it’s a big factor. Fitz has had a moment of clarity by almost losing his life and he’s done fooling around.”

This possible divorce will be one of the major story threads moving forward on the show, but it will also be joined by something else significant to the Presidency as a whole: whether or not the Vice-President is going to try and bring down the hammer on him with any of the information that she has. Plus, things could get so much worse if Olivia and Fitz’s affair is ever made public.

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Photo: ABC

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