‘Suits’ season 2, episode 12 preview: Harvey stays mum

SuitsWe all know last week that Harvey was hoping for a romantic weekend on “Suits,” but that plans did not exactly turn out as he was hoping. So where does the man go from here? As it turns out, straight back to work as he attempts to forget that the weekend ever happened.

One thing he makes it rather clear on Thursday night is that he really does not have any intention of talking about it with some of his co-workers … especially Donna. Even though she makes him the rather tantalizing offer of Chunky Monkey ice cream in order to talk about some of his problems, which she picks up on very quickly as she realizes that he arrived at work exactly on time, he is simply not interested. (With that in mind, can we eat the ice cream instead?)

With Harvey back in action, he is going to have a challenge almost right away in protecting the firm from a bitter rival.  Thanks to the end of the feud with Daniel, there are vulnerabilities in Pearson Hardman, and thus we are going to need to see Harvey be counted on more than ever. Considering that this is a man who enjoys power and responsibility, we have a hard time believing that this would upset him at all.

Meanwhile, this episode will also feature Mike and Louis facing some of their own demons from their past, which in the case of the latter, could trace back to just last week when he made a fool of himself in hiring someone, only to later dismiss them for what he thought was money issues (when in fact it was that this young woman could expose Mike for the liar he is).

Do you want to know more about this “Suits” season 2 episode? Be sure to watch the promo over here.

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