‘Justified’ season 4 spoilers: Will Johnny take Boyd Crowder down?

Walton GogginsOn the season 3 finale of “Justified” we saw that Boyd Crowder’s trusted right hand man, Johnny, had been playing Boyd like a fiddle and was working with Limehouse to take Boyd out, so that not only would he get his revenge (Johnny holds Boyd responsible for when he got shot in the chest), but also so that he could move up as the new king pin and run Harlan county.

So now that things didn’t quite work out with Limehouse the way that Johnny had hoped, he has gone to Wynn Duffy to try and strike a deal with him that will put Boyd down for good and Wynn seems fairly interested in that idea – at least more interested then working with Boyd.  Executive producer, Graham Yost, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Johnny’s plans and where we will see his story line go during season 4 of “Justified”:  He said:

“We had this big dangling thing from the end of season 3, where you find out that Johnny had been working with Limehouse to betray Boyd, but then shut that down and said, “I’m not working with you anymore, we’re done.” So, we had established that Johnny was traitorous, and we felt like we needed to follow that along: What does Johnny want, and how will he go about getting it? You’ll see in episode 5 or 6 that it starts to take a turn. Johnny picks up on something else, but it’s related to that. He has the long game that he would be the king of Harlan and not Boyd.”

The unfortunate thing for Johnny is that Boyd is fairly intuitive when it comes to people backstabbing him, so even though he hasn’t exactly caught on to what Johnny is up to, we saw Boyd questioning him about where he disappeared to during a pretty intense time for their crew and Johnny getting defensive about it.  Boyd’s a smart guy, and there are already hints that he’s got his radar quietly placed on Johnny.

A new episode of “Justified” will be airing on January, 29th at 10 p.m. on FX, so be sure to tune in and see if Johnny is going to get away with his plan to take out Boyd and run the business himself. If you missed the last episode of “Justified” season 4 and want to catch up then be sure to read our review of the episode here.

Photo: FX

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