Survivor 42 spotlight: Is Swati Goel a big-time threat?

Swati Goel, SurvivorSwati Goel may be the youngest Survivor 42 castaway at only 19, but she still could prove to be more dangerous than people twice her age! Not only is she a Harvard student, but she’s a part of the Army National Guard and she knows what it’s like training in difficult conditions and facing tough physical challenges.

So basically, you have in Swati an extremely smart young woman who could also win endurance challenges. Sound like a threat to you?

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One of the things that we like about Swati right away is that she’s got a good gameplan, beginning with wanting to lay low early and get through the first few tribal councils. Very few good things come from putting a target on your back so early! She also seems to like surprising people and defying expectations. She may revel in an underdog role out there and allow some other players to underestimate her. We’re curious to learn just how much she ends up sharing about every single facet of her life.

Do we of course worry about her being able to relate to the older players? Sure, and sometimes the ambition that comes with youth can be a downside in the game. We just can’t see that happening here unless she just falls on the wrong side of a vote early. There are no discernible reasons to vote someone like her out unless she magically screws up a challenge. She should only become a big target at around final eight, mostly because at that point, it’s probably going to be hard for her to hide everything she brings to the table. There haven’t been just dozens of under-21 contestants over the years, but she’s likely the most accomplished and capable of any that we’ve seen.

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