Survivor 42 spotlight: Meet pageant coach Romeo Escobar

Romeo Escobar, SurvivorIs Romeo Escobar poised to become a huge player on Survivor 42That remains to be seen, but he’s got a chance to be a main player this season. Just on the surface, the guy stands out: He is a 37-year old immigrant from Central America who now lives in the greater Los Angeles area. His job is a pageant coach — he works to prepare women for Miss Universe and some of the biggest events in that industry!

Romeo is a guy who has gone through a lot, from humble beginnings to day-to-day struggles. Now, he has to figure out how to navigate this maze of a game.

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Romeo feels on the surface like a social player: He’s got so much experience he can tap into, and we think his job should actually prepare him well for this environment. If he can empower his other players like he does the women he teaches, he could make himself a valuable commodity. People love to hear that 1) their plans are brilliant and 2) they can make a difference in this game.

Of course, winning Survivor takes more than just great conversations, and that’s where he will have to be a little more creative. Romeo will need to look for idols, fight in challenges, and be unafraid to throw people under the bus. He’s not going to be the fastest or the strongest person out there, so he has to compensate for that in other ways.

If he makes it to the merge, 100% Romeo is a huge threat. He’s smart enough to lay under the radar and methodically take people out. Our big concern is that he’ll either end up with the wrong people or try a little too hard to show his worth early on, when his position could be far more tenuous.

No matter where he places, we have a feeling he’s going to be fascinating to watch however long he’s around.

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