Survivor 42 spotlight: Meet Omar Zaheer, exotic animal veterinarian

Omar Zaheer SurvivorOmar Zaheer is the sort of Survivor castaway who is intriguing from the moment you meet him. We’ve seen a lot of jobs on this over the years! Yet, an exotic animal veterinarian is something new; Omar is a unique guy, and he’s got an outlook on the game that could serve him rather well.

Of course, we’ll come out already and say that he is a very feast-or-famine sort of player. We could see him being found out and targeted almost immediately. Yet, we could also see him running the game and winning at the end.

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Omar is not going to be the most athletic player in the room; we’re not even sure he’ll be the best socially. Yet, he’s got a fantastic understanding of the game and how best to play it. He understands that a lot of it about perception. In his casting video, he claims he wants others to think of him as a pigeon — no one will ever be threatened by a pigeon, right? Yet, in reality he wants to be a bird of prey. He needs to just work to ensure that nobody ever sees his true intentions out there.

As a vet, Omar also recognizes that he has to be malleable and prepared for anything — pretty perfect for the game, no? This 31-year old Canadian is ready to take on whatever is thrown at him. He also is used to the prospect of working hard — he came from extremely humble beginnings, so we don’t think he will ever just settle with his place in the game. He’ll always fight for more.

The big issue we foresee for Omar right now is pretty simple: It’s hard to make people believe you aren’t a threat when you really are. You can have the best plan in the world going out there, but it can fall apart in a matter of minutes.

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