The Blacklist season 9: Will Mierce Xiu return?

The Blacklist season 9 art

Is there a chance that Mierce Xiu returns to The Blacklist season 9? Will she and Reddington reunite? There is, of course, quite a bit to think about here.

Earlier this season, it was clear that Mierce made quite an impact on Reddington during his years away from the the Task Force. The two had a connection that extends far beyond any one singular facet, and we do think there was genuine love and care there on both sides. Mierce is a healer, and she wanted to see Raymond happy and healthy. However, in making the choice to dive back into the criminal world, Mierce felt like he was losing the part of himself he had worked so hard to gain. She could not be there to witness his pain, and she departed. Yet, there is a constant reminder of her present via the flowers, which remain a powerful symbol even to this day.

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So will Mierce come back down the road? A lot of that could be predicated on Reddington’s health and intentions. We don’t view the character as someone to completely compromise her beliefs or reverse anything that she has said so far.

Regardless of whether or not Mierce returns in the present, there is always a chance that she comes back in flashbacks. We had that aforementioned Park flashback on Friday and we’ve already seen stories like this with Ressler and Dembe — isn’t there a chance we get one with Reddington as well? We could learn more about his origin story with Mierce and Weecha, as well.

Of course, good luck getting anyone to confirm if Karina Arroyave is back in the near future — the actress herself said earlier today on Twitter that she can’t respond to anyone asking about the character’s future. We remain hopeful she’ll be back, but we will have to wait and see.

Do you think that Mierce Xiu will be back on The Blacklist season 9?

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