Survivor 42 spotlight: First impressions of Lydia Meredith!

Lydia MeredithHow is Lydia Meredith going to fare on Survivor 42On the surface, she feels like she’s going to stand out very much from the pack! She’s a 22-year old waitress, actor, and writer who resides in Los Angeles, and she does have a handful of credits to her name already.

While this may be somewhat of an aside, there’s actually a decent history of actors not only appearing on Survivor, but doing rather well! Colleen Haskell got a big movie after the first season of the show, and we’ve also seen the likes of Jonathan Penner, Mike White, and Jerri Manthey have careers in the industry both before and after. (One interesting case is Matt Elrod, who became a more successful performer after changing his name to Wyatt Nash.)

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As for Lydia’s game, she comes across as enthusiastic, unassuming, and likable. She’ll be a fun person to have around camp with a bubbly energy and strong social game. She compares herself to Tom Westman, which is enough to make us think she’s a longtime fan. (In her preseason video Lydia suggested that her parents have been hooked on the show from the start.)

If Lydia can survive the early part of the game and get a substantial amount of friends on her side, we are reasonably optimistic that she is going to make it far. The biggest worry we have for her right is the simple fact that she won’t be the biggest challenge threat and could be perceived as somewhat of an outcast. She’s a little quirkier than a lot of the more physical cast members and not all of them may get along with her right away. She’s got a high upside in that we think she could win, but she could have a tough road getting there, especially within the first half of the game.

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