The Blacklist season 10: Will it be the final season on NBC?

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 10 is official! That news was confirmed last week, prior to the latest run of new episodes. There’s no denying how exciting it is if you’re a longtime fan!

We know that there are some people out there surprised, just as there are others who thought it should have ended years ago. Yet, The Blacklist remains a significant ratings force all over the world. Its live numbers may not be great, but it does well in DVR numbers, it’s extremely popular on Netflix, and James Spader remains a charismatic leading man.

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Even with all of this being mapped out, we wouldn’t be shocked at all if season 10 turns out to be the final one. After all, remember that we’ve already seen the show has such a fantastic run in the first place. Ten years is a long time for actors to do a single job, and there’s a case to be made that some people could want to move on.

Also, remember that there are only so many spots left on the list! For The Blacklist to have a season 11, the writers would either need to fundamentally shift the way that they do things or find a way to stretch out some of the remaining names on the list.

No matter how long the series lasts, there is one thing we absolutely want without question: Proper closure. It would make no sense to end the show at any point without all the answers we’ve been craving.

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