‘The Lying Game’ season 2 review: Is Thayer the reason Alec is free?

The Lying GameOn tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2, Ethan wakes up at Sutton’s cabin after a drunken night together and he tells her that he wishes that it never happened.  Sutton wants to get rid of Emma – she feels that he’s being reluctant because of his feelings for her. Ethan’s bad day doesn’t end there, when he gets home he’s told that his teacher found out that he cheated, but gives him a second chance saying that if he passes a test the next day that he will let him pass the course.

Ethan knows he doesn’t have enough time to study for the test, so he tries to drop out of school, but Emma offers to help him prepare for the test.  After Ethan passes the test he asks Emma if she would help him through the rest of school and she agrees.  Thayer finds out that Emma helped Ethan study and he’s clearly upset about it.

Thayer finds his father’s phone, and finds out that a call was made to Jessica Whitman (the person who was paid to plant the tire iron in the golf bag), but his father says that they phone was planted.  Further evidence proves that the call was made from another part of Arizona when Thayer was with him and Thayer ends up being the alibi that gets Alec out of jail. When Rebecca finds out that Alec is getting out of jail, she fakes being emotional around Ted to try and form a connection between them again, but it doesn’t work.

Rebecca learns that Ted and Kristen are in therapy and that it’s working out well, so she asks Sutton to switch places with Emma.  Sutton suggests that she and Emma go play tennis together, out in public and she says yes. The bet is, who ever loses has to stay at the cabin and the other gets to play in the tournament.  During a break, Sutton tells Emma that she slept with Ethan to try and throw her off her game, but before they can finish Mads tells Emma that Thayer is moving back to Los Angeles now that his father is getting out of jail.  Emma forfeits the game to go talk to Thayer, but he tells her that there’s nothing left there for him anymore and asks Emma to come with him.  She tells him she can’t and they say their goodbyes before he gets in his car and drives away. Now Emma doesn’t have Thayer and she’s stuck up at the cabin alone.

Laurel asks Jordan out, but because of Mads past with him there’s some tension about the situation. When Jordan shows up to pick up Laurel, he asks Mads to join them and she says yes. While out, things get awkward between Mads and Jordan, because they both still have feelings for each other and she leaves. Later, Jordan comes to Mads house in the middle of the night and kisses her, and Laurel sees them together.

The Mads and Jordan relationship is starting to get really interesting since they clearly can’t stay away from one another, but are still very much attracted to each other regardless of the fact that they are step brother and sister.  This is a story line that has been explored on other shows, like “Dexter” and “Lost”, but never in a way where they hooked up first before discovering that they are “family”.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “They Lying Game”? Do you think that Emma should have left with Thayer? Now that Alec’s out of jail do you think Rebecca will be his next target? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: ABC Family

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