Survivor 42 spotlight: Will Jonathan Young make Survivor history?

Jonathan YoungIt’s not often that you see a guy come onto Survivor and immediately say they want to set a record. Yet, Jonathan Young is that guy. He’s a physical force who claims that he wants to win more immunity challenges than anyone ever has. He compares himself to Ozzy, he spear-fishes on the daily, and he claims that much of the past decade-plus of his life has been training for this moment.

It goes without saying that Jonathan will be an asset in the early part of the season, but how much will that matter?

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When you think about the trajectory of players like Ozzy and Joe Anglim on this show, it’s easy to project it forward. They are so important early on that you can’t get rid of them, and we feel like Jonathan is no exception: He’ll dominate challenges and use a lot of his skills around camp. He’s a competitive guy and he’s not going to be able to diminish the target on his back.

What he’ll need to realize is that he needs more than just brute strength and endurance. Luckily, he understands at least some of that. In his CBS casting video (watch here), Jonathan claims that his work with his beach-rental company in Alabama will help him greatly. He’s used to serving and taking care of people and he can bring those skills into the game. If he can really perfect that out there and not come across as a near-constant alpha on his tribe, maybe he’ll have a chance to go far.

As it stands, though, he feels like the sort of guy who will be public enemy #1 right after the merge. Even though immunity threats often don’t win the game, nobody will like the idea of him just dominating them challenge after challenge. Even if the threat level isn’t justified, it’s still going to be there.

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How do you think that Jonathan Young is going to far on Survivor 42?

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