NCIS season 19 episode 13: Jimmy Palmer takes off his wedding ring!

NCIS, The HelpersTonight, NCIS season 19 episode 13 delivered a magnificent episode. “The Helpers” is not only the best story we’ve seen all season, but it may be the best one ever for Jimmy Palmer. Brian Dietzen and Scott Williams crafted a brilliant story here about grief, fear, family, and also moving forward.

There are so many easy arguments to make make about Jimmy Palmer being the heart and soul of this show. He’s a moral compass, a shoulder to lean on, and often one of the most wholesome characters in the whole cast. The guy quoted Mr. Rogers to his daughter while he was on the verge of dying! He was poisoned with a biotoxin and it was his daughter, his friend and colleague Kasie, and also visions of his late wife Breena that helped him to pull through.

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Jimmy is a character who never stops growing or learning; it’s one of the reasons why he’s one of the most relatable characters on TV. He already knew to value his friends and loved ones, but that is clearer than ever to him after this near-death experience. Not only that, but we think he realizes more that he needs to live in the moment and look towards the future. He has to be okay with the concept of moving on. In taking off his wedding ring at the end of the episode, Jimmy did just that. It doesn’t mean that he loves Breena less; rather, this is him allowing himself the opportunity to find happiness. He deserves it, and we loved this moment for him — alongside every other Jimmy moment in this episode.

We know that the Emmys will almost certainly ignore NCIS, as they often have in the past; nonetheless, let’s just go ahead and say Dietzen was Emmy-worthy throughout.

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