‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Will Kurt’s father die of prostate cancer?

GleeThe holiday season was an emotional time for the Hummel household on “Glee” – both good and bad.  Kurt’s father Burt Hummel flew out to New York to spend Christmas with his son, and if that wasn’t emotional enough for Kurt he also brought his ex-boyfriend, Blaine, with him as a surprise.  Unfortunately the visit wasn’t all hugs, kisses and candy canes as Burt told his son that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and a piece of every fans heart died a little as we all feared the worst for one of the greatest television dads in history.

Viewers have been worried that showrunner, Ryan Murphy, is planning to let Burt die of prostate cancer on the show, but a recent post on his Twitter account reveals that isn’t the case.  Murphy explained that his own father passed away from the same aliment and that he wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what he had to, not even fictional characters.  He wrote: “Burt won’t die. My father died of prostate cancer. Wouldn’t put Kurt through that.”

We are thankful to hear that Murphy doesn’t have plans to lose Kurt’s father, especially since he has been such an amazing support system for Kurt throughout some really tough times, including when he was being bullied at school by David Karofsky.  There are not many fathers (or mothers for that matter) that have such a strong bond with their children as Burt and Kurt have and even though they are fictional characters, it’s a really nice escape for viewers to feel what that bond could be like.

“Glee” is returning to Fox this Thursday, January 24th at 9 p.m., so be sure to tune in and see what Murphy has in store for the kids for the remainder of season 4

Photo: Fox

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