‘Homeland’ season 3: Claire Danes and the art of expression

HomelandAside from the brilliant storytelling and some of the best performances on TV, there are also some unusual things about “Homeland” that have somehow managed to grab the attention of many viewers around the world. With Damian Lewis, it is the size of his mouth and the fact that he mumbles a good many of his words. As for Claire Danes, it happens to be her far-ranging facial expressions that even rival what Britney Spears did on “The X Factor” last season.

These two quirks were the subject of a notable “Saturday Night Live” spoof, and this is something that the actors are still being asked about many months later. As a matter of fact, Danes told the new issue of Elle Magazine that while some people insist that she is trying hard to intentionally pull faces on the show (in particular with Carrie’s quivering chin), she insists that this is something that actually comes naturally to her:

“It’s just the way feelings register on my face. It’s been isolated from the rest of my work, like it’s a tacked-on thing. It’s not.”

Danes also explained in the interview that she has a good relationship with Anne Hathaway (who played her in the “SNL” sketch), and that she was at least somewhat nervous that there would be some awkwardness after she did the spoof on the show:

“I’m friends with Anne, and she sent me a lot of texts beforehand that say, ‘Oh God, I hope we’ll be friends afterwards.’ … [Anne] sent me a very large bouquet of flowers. So I’m assuming it was not the most flattering [depiction].”

Wait … does this mean that Claire has yet to actually watch the sketch? If so, that is obviously some sort of intention move on her part so that she does not allow what she sees on TV to impact her performance.

Nonetheless, expect plenty more expressions from the actress and Carrie during “Homeland” season 3 premiering on September 29, as she is going to have to continue trying to fight off terrorism around the world while still dealing with the fact that the man she loves in Nicholas Brody (Lewis) is a fugitive from the American government.

If you want to find out more on the show’s current production plans, you can find out over here.

Photo: Showtime

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