Blue Bloods season 12 episode 14 video: New ‘Allegiance’ sneak peeks!

Blue Bloods season 12

With Blue Bloods season 12 episode 14 finally coming back on CBS tomorrow night, it’s great to take another look towards the future! “Allegiance” is going to be an impactful episode at times, but also one full of some celebratory moments — at least if the sneak peeks are any indication.

So where should we start here? How about a toast to none other than Eddie? There’s a family-dinner scene below where we learn that the character received a near-perfect score on her Sergeant’s exam. That obviously sets her up rather well to make some big leaps in her career, but she may also be having some second thoughts. The synopsis for this episode indicates that Eddie could be contemplating a move over to SVU, which would make sense on the basis of some of the work we’ve seen her do already. We could also see why the writers would want her to occupy a different space — after all, they already have a sergeant on the show at this point in Jamie.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about where her mind is at by the end of the episode.

The other sneak peeks we have, meanwhile, are a little more procedural. First, Anthony does his best to discreetly clue in Erin about a case of witness tampering that he is working to uncover. With that being said, we know already that things here are slightly more complicated than he’s letting on. One of the sources here is going to be none other than Joe Hill, who learns about this while on a date and clearly passes the info along. Eventually, though, Anthony’s going to have to give up the name to Erin — it’s going to come out in due time.

Finally, Baez is very-much intent on her and Danny working a case involving one of her favorite TV personalities, even though it’s not actually assigned to them. At first, he’s resistant to the idea, but that’s before she reminds him that he’s done this a handful of times and she’s ended up being with him for the ride. It’s time for the tables to turn!

What do you want to see on Blue Bloods season 12 episode 14, at least based on these sneak peeks?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes right now in the comments!

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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