‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Michael C. Hall on ending, possible movie

DexterCould you see Dexter Morgan put someone on his table while sitting in a movie theater? Based on what we are hearing right now, we have one simple answer to this question: don’t count on it.

Michael C. Hall, who has been spending some time this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, recently gave a phone interview about the show to Open the Magazine, and upon being asked about the possibility of “Dexter” going the route of say, “Sex and the City” or “24” (before the movie plans were scrapped, anyway), his answer suggests that it is not something the writers, the producers, and himself are really leaning to as the ideal ending:

“You know there’s been talk about that possibility, but I struggle to see it being worthwhile. I mean, if somebody can put something in front of me that was compelling, I would be excited, sure, but I have trouble imagining it.”

Hall also gave an interesting answer when it comes to the show’s ending, which gives us at least another interesting possibility for Dexter that does not necessarily include him dying or being arrested (which have long been assumed to be the only real ways that a serial killer of his magnitude can get out of the mess he has created):

“And as far as the ending is concerned, I do fantasize about a happy ending on Dexter’s behalf, you know, because it’s something that he perhaps deserves, though I honestly don’t know if that’s the way it’s going to pan out.”

One thing worth noting here? This interview was with an international publication, and one that has yet to see the dark turn that Dexter takes (even for him) in season 7 when it comes to Harry’s code and Hannah McKay. Thus, Hall’s answer may have been cultivated a certain way to accommodate that.

From a personal standpoint, we would be sadder to see “Dexter” end with a movie than we were when Lila killed Doakes, and we were pretty darn sad then considering that we liked the character. We’ve never really been a big believer in a story starting in one medium, only to finish in another. TV just seems like a better place to get to know the characters without having to tell a story that is quick and over in two to three hours.

Be sure to as always weigh in on this story below; if you haven’t heard about some of the new characters coming on board the season, you can do so here.

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