‘The Biggest Loser’ review: The walls close in on the white team

The Biggest LoserAt this point most seasons on “The Biggest Loser,” we start to yawn a little as we are in the dog days of the season. The initial stunners of the weight loss are gone, and we are still not far enough into the season that we end up starting to really identify with all of the contestants remaining.

Thankfully, this “Challenge America” twist has helped to revitalize the show a little bit, mostly because we’re not as into the strategy portion of the game so much (as we watch “Survivor” or “Big Brother” for that). Seeing how the young contestants revolve has been interesting to watch, mostly in that they are away from the ranch and dealing more with real life. There are classes, dreams, troubles with bullying, and pressure. One of the hardest things that these kids are dealing with at the moment is that their parents are trying to overload them with work at times to get them to become what they want them to be when they grow up, and these trainers are practically turning into life coaches.

As for the weight loss portion of the episode, it’s safe to say that the clear loser here was once again the White Team. With just one exception, a contestant from this group has left the ranch every week; and on this occasion, it was Pam Geil who did so after losing only three pounds and falling below the red line.

Now, the only person left to carry the white flag (which is hardly a great metaphor for her survival on this show in itself) is Danni Allen, who still seems to be going strong and could last on the show for a while.

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Photo: NBC

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