‘Girls’ season 2, episode 2 preview: Hannah meets a new face

GirlsHow is Hannah Horvath going to handle both breaking up with Sandy and Adam getting arrested? On Sunday night’s new “Girls” season 2 episode, we are going to see her embarking on a bit of research trip within her apartment, and it involves some pretty creepy guy that lives not far from her.

Do we want to see Hannah end up in another relationship so quickly? We’re not entirely sure, mostly because it seems like the #1 thing that she needs to do right now is really just try and figure out the person that she is. Then again, this may be the primary reason why this character works so well on TV: she never quite does what you would want a person in her situation to do. Instead, she’s too focused on whatever sort of “lifestyle” she feels is the best for a young person of her age and with her dreams … even if it leads her nowhere.

On a different note, Marnie taking her unexpected job as a hostess is going to lead to her meeting a familiar face of her own this coming week, and this could provide her with her first real opportunity to actually get over Charlie after everything that happened to them back during season 1. Then again, considering the nature of this new man, we could be looking at a pairing here that is as unpredictable as they come. (We just hope that it gives her something new and exciting to do, that was she is not so caught up in the Hannah / Elijah drama.)

Are you excited about the direction that “Girls” is heading right now? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read the most-recent episode review over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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