Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein makes incredible Sesame Street cameo

Ted Lasso, Roy KentOne of the many great things about Sesame Streetbeyond its generations of educational impact, is its shrewd ability to generate press. Earlier this year, it happened unintentionally thanks to a number of old video clips of Elmo and his archnemesis Rocco.

Now, it’s happening in a far more intentional way, and it is coming via an appearance from Brett Goldstein! In a post on Twitter (see below), you can see the Ted Lasso star borrow Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can for a fun little appearance. Meanwhile, Oscar himself makes a temporary home in the recycling bin. This entire cameo is Brett taking a part of his Roy Kent persona — most notably, the signature grown.

The funniest thing about all of this is the idea of Goldstein on a children’s program, given that a good 95% of Roy Kent’s charm comes from his proficiency to swear almost every other word. There was even a storyline about this during season 2! For those who have seen Brett in an interviews or listened to his podcast, you already know that he’s pretty much the opposite of Roy in just about every way in real life.

So why does a show like Sesame Street continue to bring actors on who their viewers will not be familiar with at all? The simple answer is that it’s so much more about getting parents to watch and be actively engaged with their kids. That has been shown time and time again to be conducive to learning. It makes the show more interactive and ultimately, more entertaining for older generations, as well. It’s been a part of the Sesame Street fabric for years and ultimately, we don’t see that changing.

As for Ted Lasso season 3, you can go ahead and expect it to premiere at some point later this year.

What do you think of Brett Goldstein’s Sesame Street appearance?

Meanwhile, don’t you think Ted himself would fit right in on this show? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back around — there are, after all, more updates coming your way. (Photo: Apple TV+.)

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