Snowpiercer season 3 episode 5 spoilers: Prepare for ‘A New Life’

SnowpiercerSnowpiercer season 3 episode 5 is coming onto TNT next week — is there a reason to have a little bit of hope for what’s ahead?

When you think about the title for this episode alone (“A New Life”), we understand entirely why you’d want to be optimistic. After all, we’re going to have some big stuff in here for Layton and Zarah! These two have gone through so much already and in the end, it feels like things are only going to get messier thanks to some unexpected circumstances. Or, shall we say some extremely dangerous circumstances.

Want to know more when it comes to the story? Below, you can check out the full Snowpiercer season 3 episode 5 synopsis right now:

A series of terrorist attacks threatens to derail Layton and Zarah’s big day.

Yea, the producers are definitely not giving a lot away right now. The biggest thing we hope for is that there’s another turn, and this sets the stage for an even crazier second half of the season.

How are the ratings?

They are decent so far, but also down versus season 2 so far. One of the things that we are wondering at this point is whether or not it was a mistake to air this season opposite the Winter Olympics. That is one of the most-watched events out there whenever it comes on, so we wouldn’t be shocked if that does end up being the case.

We recognize that in the end, none of this matters given the fact that there is already a season 4 renewal confirmed at TNT! It’s going to be around for more, so let’s just cross our fingers and hope that there are even more people catching it after the fact.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Snowpiercer season 3 episode 5?

Do you have any particular hopes? Share some of your thoughts and hopes on the subject below! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates coming and we don’t want you missing them. (Photo: TNT.)

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