Super Bowl commercials: Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd star in Lay’s ad

Seth Rogen and Paul RuddWe know that brands love to rely on big names for their Super Bowl commercials. With that, let’s discuss Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd!

Lay’s over the years has not necessarily been a brand that leaned hard on big names in order to sell their potato chips. Typically, Frito-Lay leans a little bit harder on Doritos to do the job! Yet, here they bring on board a fantastic comedy duo to reminisce about old times and have a few laughs.

In general, we do tend to think that this ad leans heavily into what Lay’s most likely is wanting to do with their ad at this given point in time: Play hard into nostalgia. They recognize that people love these two together, and they have for a number of years now. Meanwhile, at the same time Lay’s are a pretty nostalgic chip; it’s one of the longest-tenured brands out their in the chip game and there are a ton of people who have fond memories of them for so many years.

Also, this commercial really takes a few surprising turns! It doesn’t exactly end in the place that you would think it would.

If promoting Lay’s means that we will continue to get ads like this during the big game, allow us to say that we’re 100% for that. We’ve grown a little bit tired of the Doritos ads over time, mostly because there is a tendency to see the same exact thing year after year. (With that being said, we did at least appreciate the use of the sloth in the Doritos ad this time — any appearance from a sloth is always going to be a thumbs-up in our book.)

Now, can Paul Rudd come back and host SNL again after he didn’t get a real chance to do so last time?

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